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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Leaving and mix and match figures

Here are some pics of the Series 2 Mix ‘N’ Match Toys that are not in Stores yet!





Pretty sweet! You can find them on eBay before there in stores!

Pictures from lux 1200!

Also I am quiting CPNT and Club Penguin. Slash roses and marky 555 can post if they want but I will not. I now go on binweevils! I have a binweevil cheat site aswell,!

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Friday, 6 February 2009

New clothing catalog cheats!

Here are the cheats for the new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for the month of February!


Clothing Catalog “Back to Basics”


  • The Befluttered - 600 Coins

  • Pink Designer Scarf - 150 Coins

  • Pink Shirt - 150 Coins

  • Blue Shirt - 150 Coins

  • Blue Striped Scarf - 150 Coins

  • The Surf Knot - 550 Coins


  • Ball Caps (Green, Yellow, Pink) - 200 Each

  • Hoodies (Black, Purple, Pink, Green) - 400 Each


  • The Disco - 600 Coins

  • Blue Rollerskates - 260 Coins

  • The Sidetied Too - 500 Coins

  • Pink Rollerskates - 260 Coins

  • T-Shirts (Red, Yellow, Green) - 150 Each

  • Rugby Shirts (Red w/ Yellow, Blue w/ Green, Pink w/ Blue) - 400 Each

Penguins At Work


  • Pet Shop Staff Apron - 300 Coins

Wear the Apron to pour Puffle O’s

Clothing Catalog Cheats


Click the S in shirts for The Spikester (500 Coins)


Click the E in Penguins for The Spikette (500 Coins)



Click the Bubble for the Fruit Headdress (350 Coins)



Click the Flowers in the Pot for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins), open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins)


Click the Nose of the Snow Man Head for the Yellow Scarf (150 Coins)

Thats it! Whats your fav item? I like the Red Shirt!

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Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Newspaper

Puffle’s play more with there Furniture, January Review, Puffle-So-Cute-O, and more in the Club Penguin Times Issue #173!

Puffles Play More


Puffle Trainers some Puffles have been interacting more with the Puffle Furniture from the Pet Shop and say all Puffles will be interactive with there Furniture by February 13th!

January Review


January was an awesome month! Beginning with a bang on New Years, then came the first Clothing Catalog of the New Year and the two rockin parties: Dance-A-Thon with Cadence and the Winter Fiesta,.. January was a blast!

In Focus


In Focus: Surf’s Up

Top Secret


This weeks “Top Secret” information is….


Cool, huh?

Newspaper Games


Mehh! Puffle So Cute O’s back, I don’t like it, but some of you do sooo,… check it out!

Upcoming Events



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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lime green dojo clean cheats!

Hey Club Penguin Penguins!

The Club penguin team had been having some problems with some glitches and bugs in the new Paint By Letters book but its finally here!

You can find the new book at the book room which is just above the coffee shop.

Here is a walk through guide for all the cheats, secrets, hints a tips for the club penguin lime green dojo clean paint by letters book.

Tip: For all the coin cheats/secrets to work you must have typed all the text on the page.

Click and drag the broom upwards then let go, the broom will go outside, then use it to clean away the view from the window to reveal a shiny coin.

Drag the large paint can upwards to get the second coin.

Click and drag the paint blob shaped like a circle, as you drag it around the paint will wear of f and it will reveal the third coin secret in the book.

Place your cursor on the penguin in the background to push him around the room, when you make him clean the dojo roof a hole will be seen and a shiny coin will fall to the floor.

Make the penguin in the picture whizz away by moving him with your cursor then click the panels on the dojo wall in the order show in in the picture to see a coin in the dojo doorway.

Drag the paint bucket to the right to get to get the sixth coin cheat in the book.

Click the light bulb and let it drop to the floor, then complete the maze puzzle to get the secret coin.


Pick up all the green capes in the box and throw them on the floor then you will find socks in the box, wave them on the green capes the penguin is holding and he will hold the socks, then a secret coin cheat will be revealed behind him.

You earn 800 coins if you find all the secrets coins! Also visit my new binweevils website by clicking here!

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Puffle stuff

Club Penguin states you’ve all been asking for more things “Puffle”, including the Puffle Furniture! Club Penguin has listened and February will be all about Puffles! Check it out.


Starting February 13th, put some Puffle Furniture in you igloo and see what your Puffles so! Maybe they will drink and eat from there water/food bowls to, right? But Puffles playing in igloo’s more is just the start! Later this month there will be a few Puffle surprises including a big Puffle Party! The Puffle party starts February 20th. Billybob will have some more info next week, which I will also have.

Maybe at the Puffle Party there will be a new Puffle to adopt, or Items to buy for your Puffle to wear!

I’ll have to buy some Puffles for this occasion, Ive had Puffles but they all ran away, there to much of a hasle to take care off, feed, play with, etc.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

New pin and sports catalog!

Here’s what I have so far, the Paint By Letters book has not yet come out, so here is the Club Penguin New Pin and the Snow and Sports:

Lily Pin

The Lily Pin is hidden at the Beacon - Thanks Bmferrari

Snow and Sports Jan 2009


Head over to the Sports Shop and catch the new Snow and Sports Catalog!


  • Blue Goalie Gear - 600 Coins

  • Goalie Helmet - 300 Coins

  • Red Goalie Gear - 600 Coins

  • Goalie Hockey Stick - 300 Coins


  • Stop Watch - 150 Coins

  • Swim Cap and Goggles - 200 Coins

  • Racing Swim Suit - 500 Coins

  • Ballerina - 450 Coins

  • Ballet Shoes - 180 Coins

My fav item to wear on your penguin is in this catalog would have to be the Goalie Stuff, I played hockey for 3 years until I had a bad back injury.


  • Hand Weighs - 350 Coins

  • Climbing Wall - 1,000 Coins

  • Waves - 75 Coins

  • Exercise Ball - 60 Coins

  • Weigh Bench - 680 Coins

Snow and Sports Jan 2009 Cheats



Click the Rock Climbing Wall for the Mountain Climbing (550 Coins) and Hiking Boots (325 Coins)



Click the Green Penguin, Sea Shell, and Star Fish for the Silver Surfboard (800 Coins, also makes you go faster in Catchin Waves)

Sadly, Club Penguin has delayed the Febuary Fun to March!

The Paint By Letters is delayed to today, and now even today its late!

Okee Dokee! That’s all for now, keep checking back as I will update right when the New Paint By Letters Book Comes Out!

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New newspaper!

Must play Club Penguin Multilayer games, Team Blue vs Team Red in a returned stage play, and Sports Style! Check it out.

Multi Mania


The Club Penguin Times talks to the penguins behind the popular Multilayer games, Dance Contest, and Card-Jitsu!

The Club Penguin times catches penguins and Cadence in a Dance Off and asks what the score is:

“The Score? The score is win. Only win!” - Cadence

Cadence is pronounced (K-Dance)

The Club Penguin Times heads over to the Dojo and finds Sensei watching some penguins battle it out in Card Jitsu

The Sensei using lots of poetic phrases says:

“Ninjas have secrets, special room and catalog, plus Black Belts look cool.” - Sensei

Sensei is pronounced (Sen-Say)

He also requests penguin’s speak to him in the Dojo if they want to learn Card Jitsu.

Team Blue vs Team Red


Dodge Ball tryouts for the returned play: Team Blue vs Team Red starts February 13th!

Sports Style


The Club Penguin Times talks to a Fashion expert giving tips on Sport Style, here are a few Sports Style Tips:

  • Try coordinating outfits - Its a sign of Unity

  • Wear all the necessary Safety Gear

  • Wear a good attitude to match your style

Now you can be a winner and look good ;)

In Focus


In Focus: The Dojo

Top Secret


Check out this weeks Top Secret info, did you know about Hidden Places?

Search For Sports - Word Search


Towards the back of the Newspaper is a Search For Sports Word Search!

Upcoming Events



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The Ultimate Ninja Party!
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